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Public School Digital Learning at Surfside Academy

Surfside Academy is now offering public school elementary students the opportunity to complete their virtual learning at the Surfside Academy facility. We are following CDC guidelines to provide a healthy, sanitized environment. Students will be placed in a socially distanced​ environment and teachers will be available to help with online curriculum. Students will also have time for fun indoor and outdoor activities. 

Program Details: 

  • Assisting students with set up and 

  • Academic support with class and homework assignments

  • Small class sizes

  • Students are divided in groups by grade level

  • Daily school schedule will be followed

  • Classrooms are equipped for social distancing 

  • Fun after school activities 

Program Options: 

  • Full day program - 7:00 am - 6:00 pm

  • Part time program - 7:30 am - 1:30 pm

Health & Safety: 

  • Temperature checks upon arrival and then mid-day for all faculty and students using no-touch thermometers. Any indication of an elevated temperature requires the individual to see a medical professional before returning to the school.

  • Masks and/or face shields required for all staff.

  • Significantly limited visitors into the school buildings. 

  • Masks recommended but not required for students

  • Staggered recess schedules ensuring only one class at a time per available location.

  • Lunch will be in classrooms or at staggered times in outdoor lunch locations. classes will not mix during lunch. 

  • Car loop drop off and pick up (Palm Beach Gardens only).

  • We have installed a touchless water bottle filling station. Please have your child bring their own water bottle to school. 

  • Our AC systems have been upgraded with Reme Halo UV lights and AC filters.

  • Enhanced cleaning procedures and number of cleaning personnel

  • Individual stations for student work

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